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Kinomics hat nutzbringende, einzigartige Erweiterungen für Affinitäts-Biosensoren definiert.

Kinomics MSK® Technical Note Overview

The upper figure shows MSK® variants, resulting in different response-over-time affinograms. Solid arrows indicate an increase of the analyte concentration, dashed arrows denote a concentration decrease. Most time-saving, a revolving incremental increase can be applied (a). Common biosensor injectors permit alternating association / dissociation phases (c); an intermediate assay is shown in (b).

As commonly known, low analyte concentrations frequently suffer from mass-transport limitation (MTL) that often is hidden in further data analysis. In order to solve this problem, a new graph was defined by Kinomics. Sophisticated initial rate analysis at each change point (solid / dashed arrows) yields transformed initial rates*, which (when plotted versus starting response) resolves important kinetics parameters in a single plot (d) - while detecting and considering MTL (red dots/circles in d) in a much more sensitive way than any other kinetics plot did so far.

Most importantly (and beyond other advantages), this graph
· significantly detects mass-transport limitations and rebinding effects and
· permits the determination of the association rate constant (kass) and the binding capacity
  (Rmax) from a single plot.

The quantities plotted in this graph are orally quite long expressions*. Hence, in accordance with early-stage users of the Kinomics MSK® program, this plot has been coined "Trutnau plot" following the name of its inventor. - Three further plots introduced in the MSK® approach ("northeast", "southwest", and "southeast" located in the arrangement of the six plots shown in the MSK® Product Note) have also been applied this way for the first time in kinetics utilizing affinity biosensorics.

*The concentration-normalized, net-initial association rate (mNIAR, dots in d) and the corresponding net-final association rate (mNFAR, circles in d), plotted versus the actual starting response.

Online publiziert 10.03.2005

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