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Kinomics defined beneficial, unique add-ons for affinity-based biosensors.

Multi-Step Kinetics (MSK®)

The new MSK®* methodology allows for up to 90 % of time savings in kinetics and concentration assays utilizing commercially available affinity biosensors. Mass-transport limitations and rebinding effects are clearly detected and can be considered. Superior confidence (self-consistency) of kinetics results is given by means of multiple cross-checks.

You perform a stepwise increase of the analyte concentration ("quick-motion" titration) without regeneration steps; i.e., without re-capturing the ligand in case a capture assay is applied. The MSK® software automatically evaluates the affinogram, yielding six differently constructed kinetics graphs, which permit multiple cross-checks. Since all graphs are based on straight-line equations, they can be intuitively and rapidly assessed. Additionally, an automated "traffic light" instantaneously and transparently indicates the quality of the cross-checks, and, hence, the self-consistency of the kinetics results.

Beyond saving time, you also save sample, especially in capture assays.
Since there is ideally no need for regeneration, also its tedious development is unnecessary.

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* EU patent # 1 259 810 issued/published Nov 2, 2006
    US patent # 7,824,924 issued/published Nov 2, 2010

The first patent-protected method for MSK®:
· from the inventor of the method
· unlimited number of concentration changes
· contact times may be set individually for each step
· outliers can be omitted from evaluation
· quantitative detection of mass-transport limitations (if present)
· transparent kinetics results due  to multiple cross-correlation
· a simulated ideal affinogram returns the predicted kinetics without any significant error
· applicable to any assay type; extra benefits and savings  in assays difficult or
  impossible to regenerate, capture assays, or parallel interaction arrays

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